There is something about a luxury brand that makes it luxury. Sometimes it’s the look and feel, the beautiful ads, the composition, a pretty font, the service your receive, the money you pay – and sometimes it’s a little bit of everything. Many times, it’s an experience you can’t quite put your finger on but you know it was special. To us, Luxury is everywhere. From the air we breathe, the water we drink and the very earth we stood on. It is something that we all experience everyday but take it for granted. Over here at SIJORI Batam, we enable you to slow down your pace and re-look into the fundamentals of whats important in our everyday lives.


The Sijori Experience

20 years ago, SIJORI Resort was founded on the primary vision to provide an integrated holiday & Spa destination for all holidaymakers. Over the past two decades, we have been persistently upgrading our facilities and innovating new technologies to ensure our guests unbend their mind and enjoy their holidays with us. We have completed the phase one renovation of 30 units of Hillside Bungalow Rooms and 64 Rooms in Main Building that now in operation. We are known for the abundance of virtuous air quality in our site. Therefore, we are also a magnet for “Qi Gong” practitioners and health conscious travelers looking for a perfect place to rejuvenate and replenish the goodness of their body.


A Stone Throw Away!

We are within short driving distance from the ferry terminal of Sekupang, 45 minutes from the Hang Nadim International Airport and just 20 minutes from the well-known downtown Nagoya shopping district. Frequent travellers to the island or not, SIJORI resort will have a way to fit into your lifestyle!


Clean Air

Away from the high rise, we bring you an abundance of clean air in our resort. Clean air is essential to maintaining the delicate balance of life on this planet — not just for humans, but wildlife, vegetation, water and soil. Poor air quality is a result of a number of factors, including emissions from various sources, both natural and “human-caused.” Poor air quality occurs when pollutants reach high enough concentrations to endanger human health and/or the environment.


Gleaming Water

Most sources of water accessible in our daily life often lack vital minerals that are necessary for good health. Here at Sijori, all our tap water is specifically pipped with natural spring water which is known for many beneficial effects on the human body and most notably for the Adrenal.

Guest Reviews


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